The Black Bulldog at the Farmer’s Market


Good Evening:

This must rank among the rarest dogs in the world; I had no idea it even existed.


English Bulldogs simply don’t have black coats. They don’t. My family has owned bulldogs over seven decades, and we have never seen one of these. So I had to ask for permission to photograph the beast and ask about its ancestry. It turns out that breeders of various bulldog breeds have recently begun to experiment with hybridization. The genetic disaster area known as the English Bulldog is well known amongst dog lovers (even Piper the Painting Bulldog has hip problems and a missing eye), but all bulldog breeds have problems; the goal of hybridization consists of producing healthier dogs which still maintain bulldog traits.

The above fellow is the offspring of an American Bulldog and a Miniature English Bulldog (not yet an established breed, might be an attempt to create a modern version of  the extinct Toy Bulldog breed). The almost all-black coat came as a huge surprise to everyone. Since Miniatures (also hybrids) sometimes include Pugs in their bloodlines, and since Pugs sometimes have all-black coats, this one probably has a little Pug in its gene pool. Another view, this from above.


Our fine fellow’s pet human reported to me that the dog enjoys superb health in general and especially in comparison with the traditional bulldog breeds. The dog retains the same friendly disposition as the English, as well as its attentive watchfulness towards its human partner. Maybe this represents the future of the breed?

Vonn Scott Bair


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