Puzzle of the Day, 17 July 2013!


Good Evening:

If you have only recently discovered my blog, you probably haven’t seen one of these. I like to create picture puzzles featuring the San Francisco murals that I encounter. My goal consists less of difficulty and more of entertainment. First, I will present a bunch of closeups of various sections of the mural, such as these:

DSCN6652 DSCN6649 DSCN6651 DSCN6654

…and then I present the mural as a whole, such as this:

DSCN6650…and all you have to do is locate the closeups within the context of the larger picture. More fun than hard, I hope.

Vonn Scott Bair



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  1. This is wonderful – outside a record store I guess? Or former music store. Got them all, though struggled with the top one! Takes me back a few years – Ice Ice Baby, Wish You Were Here, Hotel California – great stuff. Shame I missed this one when I ventured into the Mission District.
    J xx

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