The Food Trucks of San Francisco (Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh)


Good Evening:

Remember when food trucks were kinda boring? You know, white bread sandwiches with a single slice of baloney, limp lettuce, old tomato slice, and the bread is old enough to have curled slightly at the edges? Life has changed in San Francisco, as it has elsewhere. The food of the food truck, in fact, the food truck itself has become fresh fine art all over the United States in recent years.

DSCN6703The Civic Center Plaza become Food Truck Heaven every Friday, complete with tables and chairs for the hundreds of people who descend to celebrate the end of the work week and enjoy al fresco dining on freshly prepared street food representing cuisines from around the world. Given that San Francisco is one of America’s most expensive cities, it should not surprise anyone that food truck lunches tend to cost in the $10-15 range: the good news is that the food is almost always fabulous and filling. Some of Friday’s food trucks:


DSCN6706 DSCN6710This next truck has a history.


Bacon Bacon is not just a truck, it’s also a standard sit-down type of restaurant–remember those? Walls, ceilings, floors, that old stuff? Bacon Bacon has one of those in the Upper Haight, and it did great business. Actually, too great business. I worked my way through college in restaurants, and I know that you have to dispose of grease quickly because otherwise the stench quickly becomes intolerable. Well, the stench around the restaurant from the vast quantities of bacon grease it produced as a byproduct led to complaints and a temporary shutdown. No big story there–until it became one. I mean, worldwide. Offbeat San Francisco stories have again grown trendy for media outlets seeking to fill space (this has happened a lot during my 31 years here), and a minor public nuisance garnered more attention than it perhaps deserved. The issue has since been resolved, and now we can get our fill of bacon again, and the world’s media outlets will have to find new quirky San Francisco stories to publish.

“Fresh” will become a fun little Challenge. I plan to visit a few of my hometown’s farmers markets and report on the scenes. Have a good weekend, everyone.

Vonn Scott Bair




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    • greenmackenzie: Funny we should be visiting each other’s blogs simultaneously! I plan to visit a few of our farmers markets this weekend, so there’s a lot of food to come. Vonn Scott Bair

    • Dzulfikar: Thank you for visiting. The art of the San Francisco Food Truck deserves a book of its own. The general rule seems to be, make it as extravagant and wildly colorful as possible. More fun things to watch in my town! Vonn Scott Bair

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