The Civic Center Farmers Market (Weekly Photo Challenge: Fresh)


Good Evening:

The Civic Center Farmers Market (open Wednesday, Friday and Sunday) represents San Francisco as America’s Great Stewpot. Not “melting pot,” we cook in this town. All kinds of people pour into this particular farmers market, especially on Wednesdays when the local government workers rub shoulders with the local construction workers, who rub shoulders with the students from the nearby cooking schools, who rub shoulders with the elderly Asian women buying live chickens at 7:00 in the morning because they like everything fresh. First a general view looking east to west:


Now one looking west to east:

Photographing the Photographer Photographing His Photography, 21 July 2013

Photographing the Photographer Photographing His Photography, 21 July 2013

I’ll keep the produce pictures to a minimum. Just one:


OK, maybe two:


The Civic Center Farmers Market has also become a sort of cultural center of sorts, drawing musicians, oddly-costumed performers, and photographers in vast quantities. The couple below seemed to have a specific project in mind for their picture taking on Sunday.


She would give a flower to a child (or in this case, the dog belonging to the woman in the wheelchair) and then he would take photos. That was the only kind of photography in which they indulged.

This group consisted of bicycling tourists (the group leader is waving her arms) stopping for food, photography, beverages, photography, rest and more photography.


Presenting Dean Harlem:


Dean Harlem is a C&W singer who has performed for spare change in front of the statue for several months. Should you visit the Civic Center Farmers Market on a Sunday and he’s performing, don’t even bother to wait, just fork over a dollar. You’ll want to do so anyway, so you might as well get it over with.

I went home with among other things my lunch: peasant bread stuffed with Kalamata olives; a hunk of Bronsha cheese from a local artisan; cantaloupe and strawberries; and a Dean Harlem CD.

That was one heck of a good lunch.

And I didn’t even eat the CD.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. lunch sounds delish, not cheap though if you keep buying CDs to go with it 😉

    Are these markets on all year round? I don’t seem to have come across any of them when visiting in Feb/Mar.

    what is peasant bread stuffed with Kalamata olives? (I know what the olives are, but not the bread)
    Jude xx

  2. Heyjude: Alemany is open Sat & Sun year round, Embarcadero is open Tues and Sat year round, and Civic Center is open Wed & Sun year round. Peasant bread might be nothing more than a name given by the baker, but it’s flatter and wider than a baguette, with a slightly rougher texture and a bit more flavor. It excels at absorbing leftover gravies or sauces on your plate. Vonn Scott Bair

    • I shall make a note of the days – it seems we are never there on a weekend, usually the days we come in to SF or leave. The bread sounds similar to the olive loaves we can buy locally, though my favourite at the moment is a pear and hazelnut sourdough – best on its own with local butter. Yum!
      J xx

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