Outside Lands 2013 (Weekly Photo Challenge: One Shot, Two Ways)


Good Evening:

Since I had already purchased a ticket to this year’s Outside Lands Festival, I hauled my digital point & shoot plus my iPhone 4 along with me to try and get some decent shots for this week’s theme. While the interesting bark of a nearby tree proved a cooperative addition to my Grey Series…

DSCN7159 DSCN7158

…human beings are another matter. They have a tendency to move, darn it…

DSCN7296 DSCN7302

…which made it very difficult to capture the exact same shot two ways.

Really, human beings should make a greater effort to understand the needs of photographers.

Another interesting complication consisted of how a good shot in landscape orientation became a bad shot in portrait orientation, and vice verse, if I did not change the zoom. I haven’t inspected my shots that closely (busy week), but it appears that none of the pairs of shots I took with the same settings were both good. The semi-decent ones required either zooming in or out, such as this pair.

DSCN7167 DSCN7169

The final pair for tonight is an odd couple: the only pair taken with my iPhone 4; taken at dusk when the light was much dimmer; heavily pixelated due to the camera’s struggle with the lighting conditions; and yet somehow the final result is, for lack of a better term, kinda sorta almost kinda sort neat.

IMG_5334 IMG_5333

Sorry for the use of the high-falutin photography lingo in the previous paragraph.

Vonn Scott Bair

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