San Francisco Snippets and a New Picture Puzzle! (Weekly Photo Challenge: From Lines to Patterns)


Good Evening:

Those of you new to The San Francisco Scene–Seen! have likely not seen one of my puzzles. San Francisco might have more murals per square mile than than any other city in America (perhaps the world? who knows?). I like to take close up pictures of a section of a mural, for example, this:


…and then show the entire mural and ask you to locate the section within the context of the mural as a whole. Here are some more closeups, along with snippets of conversations I’ve overheard during the past week. Such as this snippet:

(at a grocery store) Man: *Of course, what you really want is the free-range bacon, not like this packaged s***, but you’re on a budget, you gotta do what you gotta f****** do.”


Friday morning: two men standing on the 71 Limited, discussing issues in their AA recovery group, including the problem that the sponsor of one of the men had fallen off the wagon. At one point in the conversation one of the men said, “I can’t take this anymore,” and pulled out his Android phone. He said “Wake up.” After the phone powered on, he said–to the phone, not his friend–“Today sucks.” He listened to his phone, then turned to the other man and said, “She says tomorrow will be a better day.”

“What the h*** does she know?”

“Yeah, right.” And they laughed.

A few more closeups:

DSCN8579 DSCN8580 DSCN8578 DSCN8577

And now the mural as a whole.


I don’t design my puzzles to pose significant difficulties, but I hope you enjoy this one anyway.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–Rather unlike my latest “Someone Notices the Contrast of White on White” blog post, isn’t it?


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