The Chessplayers, 26 September 2013


Good Afternoon:

I think he was teaching her, because he was up two minor pieces, a Rook and several pawns. Nonetheless, they looked interesting together.

DSCN8628 DSCN8625

And yes, these are “30 Shots,” both cropped, straightened and edited in iPhoto to minimize problems with excessive shadows and bright spots. I have only a quick post for today. This weekend I will participate in a 24-hour playwriting festival. Friday night, the writers will receive their cast, their director, and a theme (that’s to prevent us playwrights from cheating and writing the play ahead of time, but we’re totally honest, we would never ever never ever do that). The producers will give us until 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning to write the entire script, and then the cast and director will have exactly 12 hours to stage the play, plot the action, and learn the lines.

It’s madness, of course, and therefore I love it. Have a good weekend.

Vonn Scott Bair


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