White & Blue Series: Into the Great Blue Open (Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite)


Good Evening:

San Francisco might represent a sort of Disneyland for meteorologists and casual weather buffs; one mad collision of weather systems after another. I once walked in front of the Marina branch of the SF Public Library on the left side of the sidewalk, because I didn’t have an umbrella, and it was raining on the right side of the walk. Yes–I walked next to a rainstorm, and I did not get wet.

But when different cloud systems interact and intersect in the San Francisco sky, it can look like they will go on forever. And when you think about it, a look up into the sky is a look into the start of infinity: first the clouds, then the blue, and then beyond that, infinite space.

DSCN7936 DSCN8719 DSCN8956 DSCN7798

Vonn Scott Bair


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