Perspective Study, Fort Point, San Francisco (Weekly Photo Challenge: Infinite)


Good Evening:

I noticed some interesting perspective studies in some of the other responses to this week’s Challenge and thought I would try my hand at some, so off to Fort Point for me!

Fort Point must rank among San Francisco’s more underappreciated and undervisited attractions, which puzzles me; Kim Novak threw herself into the San Francisco Bay near here in Vertigo. When I visited, most of the other visitors consisted of a large group of female students from Hogwarts Academy, led by their chaperone, the Assistant Headmistress of that august institution. Yes, I wrote that last sentence. Welcome to San Francisco, where you can’t make up stuff–it’s all true. Unfortunately, they left before I could document their presence.

Fort Point Corridor, San Francisco, California, Shot #8

Fort Point Corridor, San Francisco, California, Shot #8

San Francisco became the dominant American city on the North American west coast during the 19th Century, and yet given its strategic importance, Fort Point does not seem to have housed our better military. The personnel who manned the artillery seem to have had quite the reputation for inaccuracy, but that might have resulted from their level of alcohol consumption (significant), and their daily sustenance (abysmal). The garrison received two meals per day, 14 per week. Thirteen consisted of meat and hard tack. The fourteenth was a special occasion–meat, hard tack, and stewed prunes. Let us see: severe vitamin deficiencies and interesting bowel situations; I can see why they might have their troubles. Given the severe military threats that San Francisco faced (i.e., nonexistent), the soldiers must have been bored out of their minds (much like their Spanish predecessors) , and since they had a limited supply of cannonballs (always an excellent idea for a fort), they rarely practiced their craft; what was the point?

These remaining pictures have nothing to do with the Challenge; they appear solely to make the case that Fort Point is worth a visit during your next trip to San Francisco, esp. if you like to practice photography. I used my Nikon D40 for all of these shots, choosing the built-in Sepia setting for the picture of the cannon.

DSC_0174 DSC_0183 CSC_0193 DSC_0199

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • v4vikey: Thank you for visiting. You know, I took almost three dozen shots of that scene, using different settings each time. Now all I have to figure out is why I liked that one! Vonn Scott Bair

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