Grey Series: Recent Pictures (Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue in You)


Good Evening:

Longtime readers know that I like to collect series of pictures featuring all sorts of objects of a single color (just search for “blue“) or two (just search for “white & blue“). They also know that I consider grey the most underrated color of them all. Needless to say, this week’s Challenge will prove a rather easy one. Here are some recent Grey shots. All of these are full-color shots using all three of my cameras (two Nikons and my iPhone).

When I saw this one (another example of how “the surreal is that which lies at your feet“) at the outbound 38-Geary bus stop at Geary & Arguello, I immediately changed all of my plans and sought similar at other bus stops.


Sadly, this remained the one I could find. I wanted to find silver–you know, a greyish color.

Nature of course remains a fearsome competitor when it comes to grey.


We have weird dots at work. Sometimes they look interesting.


Grey psychedelia. Who would have guessed?

These come from some of the friezes at Buena Vista Park.

DSCN9083 DSCN9084

And a parking lot a few blocks from work.


I conclude with a few random shots from places around this random town.

DSCN7796 DSCN8941 DSCN7013

Thus concludes my latest attempt to revolutionize the general perception of grey.

Vonn Scott Bair


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