Blue & Green. (Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue in You)


Good Evening:

Tomorrow, Apple will host another one of its major press conferences in San Francisco, presumably to introduce product upgrades and refreshes. The company likes to rent one of the theaters in Yerba Buena and enclose it, Christo-style, in wildly colorful “wraps.” Such as this (photo taken near dusk today):


You don’t seriously think I could resist taking closeups, do you? Well in fact, I had to resist, well in fact, temporarily restrain myself. Apple had sent a publicist, a photographer and two assistants to the scene at the same time to record the “wrap” (their technical term) for posterity. Very nice group of people, they didn’t want to get obnoxious with someone who’s been a customer for a quarter century, and this customer for a quarter century didn’t want to get obnoxious with a very nice group of people, so we took turns. Here they are, incidentally:


I got out of the way and let them take pictures, and when they had finished with a particular setup, I would jump in take closeups, until they had gotten ready at their new setup, at which point I would jump out of the way, et cetera. Presenting now a few samples, focusing on the blue and green areas.

DSCN9505 DSCN9489 DSCN9492 DSCN9515 DSCN9489

These will all become additions to my Blue Series, Green Series, and my “The Minimally Artist Art of Instant Minimalist Art” series. This week’s Challenge has proven a fun one.

Vonn Scott Bair


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