The Extremely Extreme Close Up (Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue in You)


Good Evening:

Good Gracious, what be this exotic alien creature?!


You can relax–Earth is not being invaded by extraterrestrial blobs which are stoned on LSD, getting high on Mendocino Gold, and consider The Grateful Dead the final word on fashion. Let’s pull back the camera a bit:


Just another close up picture of an orchid at the Conservatory of Flowers.

When I studied the results of my earlier visit to the Conservatory, it became obvious that the innermost parts of the orchids deserved their moment in the sun. I also wanted to test the limits of cropping and blowing up shots taken with a 12 megapixel camera. Just about the only I care about megapixels (perhaps the most overrated statistic in photography) is when I crop and blow up shots to produce extreme close ups and extremely extreme close ups. The project proved quite difficult, with perhaps two-thirds of the shots coming out much too blurry, but about a sixth are worth your time, I hope. Some are less extremely close up, to give a sense of context for the flower.

The extreme close ups tended to turn out well after cropping, but the extremely extreme close ups seem to show a little pixelation, revealing the limits of 12 megapixels. Let me know if you agree. I do feel tempted to open copies of the files in a graphic editor and deliberately blurring the pictures, perhaps converting them into “watercolors” just to see the results.

DSCN9210_2 DSCN9235_3 DSCN9252_2 DSCN9252_3 DSCN9291_2 DSCN9291_4 DSCN9296_2 DSCN9296_3 DSCN9298_2 DSCN9306_2 DSCN9306_3

Pretty psychedelic, aren’t they? But check out this next pair:

DSCN9311_2 DSCN9311_3

I doubt that this is another specimen of the orchid family, but colors like this belong in this post. Not to mention belong in San Francisco.

Vonn scott Bair

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    • W. V.: Thanks for visiting. I once heard something or think that I once heard something about orchids maybe symbolizing something sexual or something like that. Myself, I just see a nose, jellyfish, and leopard and fox heads. Doesn’t seem all that sexy to me. Vonn Scott Bair

      • They reminded me of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work which I’ve also always found faintly suggestive… so it must be me!

        Sorry, I’ll keep my thoughts to myself now.


  1. Nice close-ups VSB, I have the same problem with the blurriness when cropping too close – but you are quite right when you mention using art effects, I have tried this on occasion using watercolour, or sketch, or even a line drawing. You can achieve some starting results from a blurred image. I wait to see what you create 🙂
    Jude xx

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