Couples in San Francisco – A New Kind of Puzzle!


Good Evening:

I’ve posted quite a few picture puzzles (such as this one, that one, and another one), but while going through my recent set of street photographs, I discovered a quartet with a repeating theme: pairs of humans. Indeed, speaking of pairs, I took one pair in front of City Hall and another in front of the Academy of Art on New Montgomery.

And yet, one of these four pictures differs from the other three in two ways So I present a new kind of puzzle: which picture is different from the other three in two ways, and what are those two ways?

DSCN9350 DSCN9367 DSCN9351 DSCN9364

Take your time, have another look; which one is different and why?

Last chance…

OK, first of all, the trick picture is the bottom one; it’s the only one with one man and one woman, but that represents the only difference.

The correct picture is the second from the top. It differs from the others in two ways:

  1. The two men are significantly older than the others.
  2. They are the only two paying attention to each other, talking with each other, and not focused on their devices.

Hope you had fun with this one.

Vonn Scott Bair


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