Night or Fog on Haight Street (Weekly Photo Challenge: Eerie)


Good Morning:

Sometimes, San Francisco refuses to cooperate.

One might logically think that one of the world capitals of film noir (The Maltese Falcon, for starters), a city generously supplied with generous quantities of both night and fog, a city custom-designed for black-and-white photography, would make an easy subject for this week’s Challenge.

Think again. So far, I’m getting either night or fog but not both. So I have to resort to all sort of tweaking in the laboratory to try and get any kind of eerie-osity out of my block of Haight Street. First a night shot with a little deliberate blur to give a ghostly appearance to the lights (but no fog).

DSCN9765Then a simple B&W conversion for a shot of the morning fog (but no night).

DSCN9769The final shot probably doesn’t qualify as eerie, but I’ve recently experimented with partially desaturated pictures and obtained interesting (I wrote interesting, not necessarily good) results.

DSCN9768Of course, every Challengee here who challenges the Weekly Challenge that challenges its challengers (ah, poesy) knows the exact moment when the city will give me the perfect blend of dark, mysterious nights, gloomy, menacing fog, and futile streetlights trying and failing and therefore enhancing the eerie mood.

Next Friday night. When the Weekly Challenge will probably something like “Cheerful.”


Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. “Desaturated’? My memories of S.F., at least from across the Bay, are of insidious white snakes slithering down the streets, slowly enveloping the hills. Deliciously creepy. Good to see The Haight again, desaturated or not, Summer of Love or not. Thanks.

    • Heyjude: Thanks. Sadly, this dang town has rather fallen down in its fog responsibilities this weekend, so it looks like I won’t have more “insidious white snakes” to share. Vonn Scott Bair

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