101 Van Ness – Recent Shots (Weekly Photo Challenge: Habit)


Good Evening:

Well, my big “habit” is photography; not exactly the most shocking item I’ve ever written. I have already written on the curious recycling project taking place at 101 Van Ness. To oversimplify, a hideous office building from the Sixties is being dismantled, reconstructed and recycled as condominiums. One of my “sub-habits” consist of chronicling the project. Here are a few recent shots of the progress. As you can see, they have taken down virtually all of the exterior skin, leaving only a skeleton.

DSCN9854 DSCN9850 DSCN9815

This next shot shows a crew prepping to remove one of the last panels.


My final shows the reflection of the old within the new: a reflection of 101 Van Ness in the windows of the nearly complete Nema Apartments, where an apartment slightly more than half the size of mine will cost more than 2.5 times the rent. That was not a misprint.


I hope all of my fellow Pressers have a fun weekend.

Vonn Scott Bair


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