Who Wants to Feel *Real* Old, Special Early 80s Video Games Edition!


Good Morning:

Yesterday morning at work, a furious debate arose amongst my younger co-workers over classic video games. I did not make up any of this. I wish I had, but I’m not that good a playwright.

“Hey, what’s the old video game where a frog has to cross the street?”

“I think that was the first Super Mario Brothers.”

“Did the frog have to shoot anything? That might be Space Invaders.”

“What was the one with the blocks that you had to put together?”

“Wasn’t that Frogger?”

“Did the frog game have a worm you had to blast?”

“What was the one where the gorilla was the hero unless it was the villain?”

“I’m pretty sure that one was Tetris.”

I swear, I did not make up any of this.

Finally, I could tolerate no more of this blasphemy born of ignorance of my gaming past, and I corrected all of the errors these young whippersnappers had made (some of whom were in their early 40s) and set them straight on the names of the characters, the names of the games, and their history. Did they show the proper gratitude and respect? Of course not.

One of them said, “Vonn, exactly how old *are* you?”

Pardon me whilst I down a double shot of Geritol.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Shannon: A sympathetic friend pointed out that since they couldn’t keep their games straight, that meant that my grey matter is deteriorating at a far slower pace than theirs. I guess that’s good news for you, too! Vonn Scott Bair

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