The Resurrection of Jake! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected)


Good Evening:

Jake was one of the Upper Haight’s great characters, human or otherwise. An all-white English Bulldog known as “The Mayor of Haight Street” whose pet human works at Blade Runners Hair Studio, Jake served as the store mascot, sitting at the entrance and watching the world go by with absolute phlegmatic calm serenity. Nothing could upset him, and Jake became such a famous fixture that when he finally shuffled off to the Great 24-Hour All You Can Eat Free People Food Buffet in the Sky, the San Francisco Chronicle published his obituary. For that matter, so did I.

I never expected to see anything like him again.

I should have known better.


Say hello to the resurrection of Jake the Bulldog (you can also say hello to me; that’s my reflection in the glass). The rookie looks about one year old, and he has some very big paws to fill, but he already knows not to move from his spot, so I think the kid has potential.

Vonn Scott Bair


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