Pictures of West Oakland, 16 November 2013


Good Morning:

Still digesting the Thanksgiving dinner, with Hitchcock’s Vertigo playing in the living room. Hitchcock chose his locations brilliantly; everyone gets the iconic spots right, but he excelled at finding the perfect alleys and side streets. He even chose his bookstore well (in real life, the Argosy book store is the Argonaut, still going strong, and I recommend it).

Meanwhile, time to resume posting. Two weeks ago, I travelled to West Oakland to take pictures of shipping containers for the Layers Weekly Photo Challenge, but of course I didn’t limit myself solely to those, and I present some of the more satisfactory shots.

WordPress 112913DSC_0058

If the cranes in the above shot look familiar to you, you have seen Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Everyone who has seen these cranes assumes that they inspired the giant four-legged walking tanks of the big battle scene on the ice planet, but people associated with the film insists it’s not true. If they say so…


A reminder of the old days of the rails.


“The Graffiti Experience.” Boy, was that ever true! But I also saw a few more murals:


I don’t know why or what the railroad people were doing with this engine; my best guess is that they wanted to test the results of recent maintenance. During the time I watched, all they did was advance it about 50 yards. stop, swarm all over it, advance it another 50 yards, then swarm some more.

A poster from a current/recent union election. Twas a brave man who posted it there.


Perhaps it results from living in San Francisco for so long, but whenever I see a normally busy highway or street with zero traffic, it makes me stop and stare.

WordPress 112913 DSC_0119

Have a good weekend–if you celebrated Thanksgiving, enjoy your leftovers!

Vonn Scott Bair


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