Glasses, Candle, Reflections (Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light)


Good Evening:

On Saturday evening, I finally got to have dinner at Una Pizza Napoletana, one of San Francisco’s very few good pizza places (a bit astonishing, given the size of the Italian population here, but San Francisco has maybe 3-4 good pizza places). U.P.N. bears almost no resemblance to the average pizzeria: 12″ is the only size (and $25 each, too); they do not slice the pizzas; they have a limited menu; and you do not get to select your toppings.

But it is really, really, really good. The owner has a blessed obsession with pizza dough (actually, he’s more obsessed with dough than Captain Ahab with Moby-Dick, but his is a constructive obsession), and his is some of the best. U.P.N. is open from “Wed – Sat 5:00 – out of dough,” but realistically, you have to be in line at 5:00 to ensure that you will not have to wait 60-90 minutes for a seat, assuming they’ll still have dough at that time.

As I awaited my Appollonia (salame, eggs, buffalo mozzarella, fresh basil), I had a bit of fun playing with the interior lights using my iPhone 4 (I want to hold on to this phone until the 6 comes out late next year). Two glasses, one candle, and the reflection of a light directly overhead on a black marble table with some white and green veins.

Glasses, Candle, Reflection Upon Black Marble, Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco, 30 November 2013

Glasses, Candle, Reflection Upon Black Marble, Una Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco, 30 November 2013

Because the iPhone 4’s camera suffers under these conditions, the picture came out blurry. No problem–I wanted to experiment with blurriness last night in any case. Just for fun, I edited the shot in a shareware program called Aquarella that creates “watercolors” from your digital images.

Glasses, Candle, Reflection.

Glasses, Candle, Reflection.

I kinda sorta like it. You don’t see too many mostly black watercolors.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. Watercolours or pencil sketch or crayon drawings are all great ways to create something good out of a blurry photo – as I said on your previous post, most of my night shots get binned, but I do sometimes hang on to other less than perfect shots if they are the only representation of a subject I have and play around with different effects! Even a very blurry multi-coloured light shot turned out to be very interesting when the stained glass effect was applied.

    I kinda sorta like your watercolour too – it works, and not too unlike some very old dark paintings I have seen.
    Jude xx

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