White & Blue Series: Recent Shots (Weekly Photo Challenge: Grand)


Good Evening:

Egads, my weekend is already packed, yet our WP friends have given the club a Challenge perfectly suited for a San Francisco interpretation. I don’t know yet how I’ll find the time, but here’s a start.

San Francisco’s geographic location puts it at the intersection of multiple wind and weather systems, and when you combine that factor with the wide-open vistas at the shore or even downtown, the result becomes some of the most complex, and grand, compositions of clouds over your head, layer upon layer of different cloud formations. The legendary thunderhead rarely makes an appearance, but the formations that do put on a good show.

First a pair of recent midday sky “excerpts,” for lack of a better term.

DSCN0354 DSCN0343

Now a trio of “Magic Hour” early morning skies. As you look at the total set of five photos, does anything strike you as different in most of the pictures?

DSCN0383 DSCN0390 DSCN0389

Yes–the color of the sky differs significantly. That does not result from a flaw in the camera; these blues are all correct. San Francisco’s eastern skies turn that intensely blue in the very early morning, and lighten up considerably as the sun rises higher in the sky. I don’t know if any correlation actually exists, but it seems to me that the color varies with the temperature; the warmer the air, the lighter the blue.

Anyway, I expect to have a great time looking at everyone’s work this weekend. Have fun.

Vonn Scott Bair


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