City Hall Blues (Weekly Photo Challenge: One)


Good Morning:

For the Christmas season, City Hall turns on the red and green spotlights at night, every single night.

With exactly one exception.


I don’t know why they went blue on this one night (19 December 2013) (UPDATE: A friend informs me that Twitter had rented City Hall for a company party), but the effect amazed anyone in the vicinity with any sort of camera. Instead of the usual one or two people, I shared the mall with dozens of people all trying to get the picture right, holding their cameras steady by any means necessary.

I did use my point-and-shoot for a few shots, but I rather like the results obtained by using my iPhone 4, with its measly 5 megapixels, tiny sensor, and agonizing struggles with very low light conditions. The colors you see are accurate (and aren’t those blues astounding?). I did reduce the exposure in iPhoto and turned down the brightness of the lights.

The results oddly please me. The pixellation notorious to this old camera yields a nice somewhat impressionistic feel to the final results. Perhaps I delude myself, but it seems the very weaknesses of the iPhone 4’s camera helped produce an almost satisfactory photo.

Vonn Scott Bair


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