The Ones Off to the Side (Weekly Photo Challenge: One)


Good Evening:

During the Sunday last minute shopping, I recalled this week’s Challenge and wondered where I might find something that represents “One.” Turns out that I saw “ones” everywhere I went, such as this actor, prepping his splendid elaborate costume for an outdoor show.


Here is Bucketman, so named because he used to perform on the streets using plastic buckets as his percussion.


Others, sad to write, looked more shoved off to one side.

DSCN0552 DSCN0544

This mentally ill homeless woman spent the entire afternoon dancing to Bucketman’s beats.


This gentleman preferred to go his own way in the world of fashion. I do not mock him. Have you seen some of the latest trendy clothing? I can’t blame him for not wanting to dress au courant.


And this one? People steered a wide berth around him.


It isn’t the sign so much as it is his “cell phone.” Not until I edited this shot did I realize that he didn’t have one.

Vonn Scott Bair


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