Houdini on Christmas Morning (Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy)


Good Morning:

I turned to my niece the high school senior and said, “I think cats exist to make English Bulldogs look intelligent by comparison.”

She turned to her uncle the old buzzard and said, “I think English Bulldogs exist to make cats look intelligent by comparison.”

We had both been looking at Houdini.


Houdini is one of two cats of uncertain ancestry living in my sister’s household (the other is named Presto–not bad, huh?), both male, both neutered, and both the recipients of grey and white striped catnip mice which you can see in the upper left and right corners of this photograph. But as you can see, Houdini has neglected both of his feline mind-altering substance filled toys in favor of tearing up the wrapping paper in which their pet humans had wrapped them.

Catnip, no. The scent of catnip? Yes.

Oh, well. He’s not too bright, but he is happy.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. It’s about the simple pleasures and the right now. Houdini knows the mice will be there later and he is enjoying shredding the paper right now because the paper will be gone later. When he will enjoy the mice. See, cats are smart!

    • Dragnfli: Very well reasoned, but surely a cat named Houdini ought to know that objects can be made to disappear. For example, my family’s first cat, Paddington Bair, made his catnip mouse vanish by the simple expedient of swallowing it whole. He was stoned for three days. Vonn Scott Bair

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