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Chronicle of a Death & Resurrection Foretold, 5 January 2014 (Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning)


Good Morning:

I’ve written before of the curious project that is 101 Van Ness Avenue, wherein an enterprising construction firm has begun to recycle an entire office building as condos. The “death” part has concluded; now begins the “resurrection.”


At the bottom of the site, you can see the almost mirror-like glass panels that will replace the dreary beige concrete slabs of old. You can one construction worker securing a corner panel (or whatever they call them); here is a closeup view of the man at work.


I see lots of other people taking pictures of the project, monitoring the progress. I hope at least one of them is a serious pro with the equipment, time and patience to take oh, let’s say, maybe one picture per hour for several consecutive months, starting from removing the old slabs and concluding with the grand opening of the condos. The resulting movie would be a lot of fun.

Vonn Scott Bair