Save the Doggie Diner Three!


Good Evening:

Remember these mysterious fellows?


Mysterious ancient totems left behind aeons ago by a long-lost civilization, archeologists have pondered these monoliths for centuries but still disagree on their meaning and significance.

And that previous sentence is 100% tall tale. Although it is fun to speculate if ten thousand years from now, someone discovers these, and they are all that remains of the Cenozoic San Francisco Culture. What will people think?

The legendary Doggie Diner Heads are in pretty bad shape (you can see damage to the bottom of the left ear of the nearest pup). Their pet human, a gentleman named John Law, has mounted a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to restore them to their original glory. Search Kickstarter for “Doggie Diner Makeover” if the link doesn’t work.

I’m gonna kick in a few bucks.

Vonn Scott Bair


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