Who Wants to Feel *Real* Old, Special Labor & Texting Edition!


Good Evening:

Ah, well, I suppose if you last long enough you can’t help but feel old.


One of my co-workers went on pregnancy leave last week. We held the usual party including cake during her last day. Last night, right about this time, in fact (7:15 p.m.), I emailed a picture of her cutting the cake.


She texted her response about half an hour later. She was in labor, in the hospital, expecting the kid in another 12 hours, but wanted to thank me for the photograph.

Texted me. During labor.

Bet your mom didn’t do that.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–Mother and child and father are healthy and very happy.


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  1. Hehehe, no my mother doesn’t text at all. There different stages of labor, and during the early ones it is easy to text or talk to others on the phone or whatever.

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