Fantastic Forty-Niner Fan Family! (Weekly Photo Challenge: Family)


Good Afternoon:

Even the Chihuahuas want San Francisco to beat Seattle tomorrow.


Vonn Scott Bair


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      • Well, San Francisco does seem to have its little quirks, but one thing, though, according to some gay magazine, Salt Lake City, of all places, has overtaken SF as the #1 gay city. Who would have thought? 🙂 I’d still love to revisit Golden Gate Park, as it’s been decades, but I imagine it’s changed somewhat since then. I was raised in Sacramento and now find myself in Missouri.

      • Cris: Actually, I would have thought. I have a lot of Mormon relatives, and whenever I visit, there always seems to be a pair of “aunts” or “uncles” living together. Golden Gate Park has changed a lot; the Academy of Sciences alone will astonish you. Vonn Scott Bair

      • The thing I remember most about Golden Gate Park was the Japanese Gardens, at least I think that’s what they were called. I was pretty young. I don’t even remember when I visited. Or I may have just imagined the whole thing. LOL

      • Still, it seems like a dream. I can’t recall the circumstances nor the people involved in visiting there. It seems so surreal in my old age, almost like it was in another lifetime. Of course, most of my life seems to exist in another lifetime or at least in another dimension. LOL

      • Yes, I could. I wouldn’t mind doing so. However, it’s some 2,000+ miles away at the moment and my car has 416,000+ miles on it. “Get the picture?” “Yes, we see.” (from “Leader of the Pack”) 🙂

  1. I think maybe we do, too, here in Colorado. But then, most of all, we want the Broncos to beat New England – and then beat San Francisco in the Super Bowl. : )

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