And the Signs Say…


Good Evening:

San Francisco’s middle class continues to depart a city where they can no longer afford to live, (over 5,500 per year from 2007 – 2011). Seems like part of a larger trend in America; middle class neighborhoods disappearing from the cities, leaving only rich and poor areas. San Francisco’s muralists and other street artists continue to comment using whatever media they have at hand.

I found this picture of Tony “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” Bennett in Hayes Valley–after someone performed a little bit of editing.

I Left...San Francisco

I Left…San Francisco

Meanwhile, on Haight near Divisadero, it appears that rival artists that taken the same medium (a poster for the upcoming Endless Love, a movie which might be a remake that doesn’t need to exist of the old Endless Love, an Eighties movie that didn’t need to exist) to tell the same message.

It looked like this a week ago…

Say Good-Bye to Affordable Rents

Say Good-Bye to Affordable Rents

…but it now looks like this:

Say Good-Bye

Say Good-Bye

Vonn Scott Bair


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