Good Deed Captured on Polk Street!


Good Evening:

I don’t know if the wheelchair-bound person was male or female; all I could see consisted of the individual going round and round and round absorbing the brunt of a driving rain, and not going anywhere on Polk Street between Fulton and Golden Gate Avenue. Stopping, backing up, changing direction, this way and that, going nowhere, getting wetter. Then I saw a man approach from the direction of Golden Gate and a woman with an umbrella approach from the direction of Fulton. This was my first shot (all pictures taken with my iPhone 4 through a tinted glass window).


Can’t tell what’s going on. A closer shot–I want to see what they were doing.


OK, so they clearly discussed something, but what?

Presenting the solution:


He provided the muscle power. She provided the umbrella. They provided the escort to take the wheelchair-bound person wherever that person had to go.

I hope the quality of the story compensates for the quality of the pictures.

Vonn Scott Bair


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