Reaching for the Moon (Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective)


Good Evening:

Honestly, I don’t know if I understand this week’s homework assignment.

When I think of perspective in combination with art, I think of art classes back in grade school and junior high, when we learned about, and practiced creating, the vanishing point in our drawings and painting. So I had that in mind whilst walking past another San Francisco construction site (this one at 16th Street near Bryant). Because of perspective and the vanishing point, from where I stood, the wood seemed to reach for the moon (which looked a lot bigger in real life than it does in the picture. Darn those optical illusions.


Oh, well, if I got the assignment wrong, I apologize. At least I have the weekend to get my homework right.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • Dear Ms. Schell: Yes, I do, and it’s outrageous! It sticks out like a sore thumb to the naked eye, but turns into a wallflower (skyflower?) when you try to photograph it. Vonn Scott Bair

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