Still Life Studies Inside Glass (Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside)


Good Evening:

I hope you don’t have hunger pangs.

Ah, the blessings of a little free time, even just a little free time. Finally had the opportunity this afternoon to stay inside and begin to teach myself still life photography, play with my new photographer’s mini-studio and try and maybe this time figure out the mysteries of the Aperture setting in my DSLR. Kept it simple, since I’m a beginner, with only three elements:

  1. Wine glasses;
  2. Blackberries; and
  3. Strawberries.

Many people who follow this blog have careers as professional photographers and will recognize at once that yours truly needs a lot more practice, especially in the manipulation of both natural and artificial light. Still, out of 110 pictures, 15 were not horrible and 7 are presentable, but I still had to edit the results in iPhoto. I’m probably wrong again, but it seems that with proper use of lighting and camera settings a good still life should require very little (ideally zero) editing.

Speaking of keeping it simple:

Still Life VI 031614 Still Life V 031614

Yes; one glass, one fruit. Then I got daring–a whole glass full of fruit:

Still Life VII 031614 Still Life IV 031614 Still Life III 031614

Next, one glass, two kinds of fruit. Pretty bold, huh? Perhaps you noticed the bright specks in the glasses’ reflections; gotta figure out how to prevent that in the future.

Still Life I 031614

Finally, three glasses. Here’s where aperture allows for some excellent effects, such as the slightly greater focus on the middle glass. Note that the earlier problem with unwanted reflections multiplied in this one.

Still Life II 031613

Fun little experiment, but I do have some sad news. I regret to inform my readers that all of the models employed in this photo shoot have met tragic ends. In a horrible accident, half of them accidentally fell into a food mill and died accidental deaths by accidental puree. Did I mention that it was an accident? Some of these ended up as additions to a homemade lemon soda; the rest are cryogenically frozen in ice cubes trays for future use. The ones that did not die in the food mill accident disappeared mysteriously whilst spelunking a cave system that bears a remarkable resemblance to a human mouth that bears a remarkable resemblance to mine.

They will not be forgotten.

Vonn Scott Bair

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  1. You have gotten off to a good start and glass is very hard to take without reflections. To get the colors in the fruit brighter and the background closer to white, increase your exposure. More light needs to get in. Slow down the shutter speed or open the aperture a little at a time. You now have an excuse to buy more fruit to be sacrificed to the cause.
    Happy shooting!

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