On the Threshold of Power (Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold)


Good Evening:

This week’s Challenge has surprised me; did not think that I would blunder into so many examples of the “threshold.”

Once upon a time, architects created palaces, castles, theaters, cathedrals, and civic buildings such as a City Hall with the specific intention (among others) of impressing visitors with their beauty and/or intimidating them with their power, even before said guests entered. Castles of course leaned toward intimidation, the famed opera house of Sydney, Australia leaned toward beauty, and a cathedral such as Notre Dame de Paris perhaps leaned toward both, although that is a theological debate this correspondent shall shun.

San Francisco’s City Hall goes for the good looks.


No wonder newlyweds pose for pictures in front of doors like that!

The State Building on McAllister perhaps leans slightly toward power. The doors are pretty small, but the arches in front of them dwarf people entering or exiting.


No one poses for wedding pictures in front of that.

But I wrote “Once upon a time” for a reason. Presenting the main entrance of the Civic Center Court House:


Can’t even bother to pick up the trash.

I like the old days, when a castle, cathedral, or public building said, “We are here, we are big, and we–are–badbutt!”

Or words to that effect. Pardon my language.

Vonn scott Bair


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