Riddle of the Day! 13 April 2014


Good Evening:

Examine closely the objects in the picture below.

WordPress 041214 Puzzle Picture

From left-ish to right-ish, top-ish to bottom-ish, they include:

  1. Two (2) tote bags;
  2. A manila envelope containing 2013 receipts;
  3. My 2013 tax returns;
  4. A packet of computer screen wipes;
  5. One (1) box of vegan broth cubes;
  6. My cell phone, nattily attired in an official WordPress cell phone cover;
  7. A collection of recent photographs;
  8. My point-and-shoot camera;
  9. A grip so I can use my cell phone as a video camera;
  10. One (1) bag containing my electric shaver;
  11. One (1) package of gourmet organic chocolate;
  12. One (1) box of anti-gas pills;
  13. One (1) stapler;
  14. Two (2) pens;
  15. Actor’s makeup (foundation);
  16. Dental floss;
  17. A set of paper dominos;
  18. A backup flash drive for my DSLR camera;
  19. One (1) bag of cough drops;
  20. One (1) Mexican professional wrestling lucha libre mask;
  21. and Two (2) boxes of tea bags.


Now here is your riddle: what do they all have in common?

The answer: at approximately 1:30 p.m. yesterday afternoon, they all fit inside this:


What’s in your bike messenger bag?

Vonn Scott Bair


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