The Surreal Is That Which Lies At Your Feet. 7 May 2014 Edition.


Good Evening:

That’s what I thought on Saturday morning when I stepped out of my Edwardian and saw this:

IMG_5998Yes: two cans of pet food and a pair of baby’s sneakers.

Visitors new to The San Francisco Scene–Seen! might not know that for years, I have sought the name of the first person to say, “The surreal is that which lies at your feet.” Still haven’t found the person, yet; in fact, when I google the term, my name comes up quite often! However, I refuse to claim credit for something I know someone else invented first.

After a bit of a dry spell, strange things have begun to appear at my feet again. Some affect the retro appearance, throwbacks to the chalk drawings of decades ago.

DSCN2191 IMG_5965Others retain San Francisco’s fondness for political commitment and editorial commentary.

The Human Centipede, Google-Style

The Human Centipede, Google-Style

The sidewalks of the Lower Haight have become the canvas of a talented artist or team of artists who make creative use of stencils. More pictures of his/her/their work to come, no doubt.

DSCN2153 DSCN2097The streets and sidewalks near construction sites will accumulate many spray-painted messages in code only the workers will understand (though surely most of them mean “Don’t drill or dig here!”). I like this one, seen on a new site at Polk and Hayes.

DSCN2663And this one had a useful shelf life of exactly one day. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you if the owner of this cardboard sign got any of what he wanted.


Vonn Scott Bair


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