Welcome, Future Commuters of America! (Weekly Photo Challenge: On the Move)


Good Morning:

Sometimes whilst practicing The 30 Shot for street photography, I will point the camera directly behind me and take pictures–having no idea what the camera might find. Another luxury of digital cameras; pixels cost a lot less than film, and no one has to see the 90-95% of the pictures that don’t work out.

But 5-10% of the time, the point-and-shoot finds something like this, a group of toddlers on the move getting their first taste of public transit:


OK. This might have some potential, but it will require some work.

First, in the grand tradition of street photography, a black-and-white approach.


All edits performed in iPhoto. I kept to the original proportions of the shot, which left a little much foreground, plus the subjects of the picture don’t really stand out as much as they should. So this time, and 8×10 crop, keep the color, and make a few adjustments to bring out more detail.

Welcome, Future Commuters of America!

Welcome, Future Commuters of America!

The red makes such a huge difference. My only regret (possibly fixable in Photoshop Elements) is that the face of the woman on the left is still a little too dark, although I do like how the woman on the right appears as the leader of this expedition/training session on how to ride public transit. Fairly satisfactory, pending future work.

Vonn Scott Bair


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