Haighting the Thursday, 15 May 2014


Good Evening:

Had to run a few errands after work this afternoon, and when I run errands, my camera(s) run with me. My aim with The 30 Shot technique has sloooooowly improved ever since I started to experiment with taking candid street photography with my point-and-shoot, and I didn’t even crop some of these shots, let alone edit them (although I do feel the temptation to experiment in black-and-white or with filters).

It’s blurry and a little hard to tell from this angle, but the young lady with the cat’s ears and green ponytail also has a brown tail hanging down from her derriere.


Good day for dog pictures.

DSCN2957 DSCN2962

This guy, noting the color of my shirt, shouted at me, “Hey, Purple! Come dance with me! Hey, Purple! Come on, Purple!”


In San Francisco, books without booze is like Barnum without Bailey.


Hanging out in front of the local gourmet market.

DSCN3011 DSCN2967

Tourists taking pictures of each other in front of The Red Victorian.


And of course, the Upper Haight wouldn’t be the Upper Haight without buskers.


Just another spring afternoon in the Haight to the people that live there.

But I can understand why people come from all over the world to have a look around

Vonn Scott Bair


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