Extras at the Laundromat (Weekly Photo Challenge: Extra, Extra)


Good Evening:

My laundromat is managed by a family that immigrated from Mexico. The man of the family stood on duty this afternoon, enjoying his spare time watching the World Cup on the flat screen that many laundries include as an extra for their customers. When Italy-England started, he received a visit from a pair of friends, both emigres from Brazil, who wanted to watch the game with him. As a kindness to their friend, they brought their own extra: takeout chicken stir-fried rice.


So let’s recap: Two former Brazilians and one former Mexican ate Chinese as they watched Italy defeat England.

Now that is putting the Mundiale in El Mundiale.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–The Italians should feel both happy and dissatisfied with their victory. Beating an archrival like England always induces happiness, but the Three Lions penetrated Italy’s famed defense (“il catenaccio”) at will. The English #9 Sturridge in particular made the back four look like a bad four, and England should have at least tied the game. On the plus side, Sirigu might be the next Legendary Italian Keeper, and I really like the Blue Force to win the Cup–in 2018.


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