The English Language: The Faux of Understanding


Good Evening:

I could have sworn I heard my co-worker T. correctly when she spoke to E., another co-worker: “I’m going back to that new place to try some of their faux soup.”

I walked over to E.’s cubicle and asked T. what that was.

“Oh, you know, pho, that Vietnamese noodle soup.”

“Sorry, I thought you meant f-a-u-x soup.”

“No, this soup is fo’ real.”

E. piped up and said, “Better a lunch pho real than a faux lunch.”

Inspired, I chose to visit Mangosteen, a local Vietnamese restaurant and very popular with the Civic Center crowd, for a bowl of their Combination Beef noodle soup.


Nothing faux here–this pho is fo’ real.

But think of how hard it must be to learn English as a second language. The previous paragraph contained only eight words–but from three languages. Therefore, if you try to learn English a second language, you also have to learn a third, a fourth, a fifth, sixth, seventh…

English is the foe of understanding.

Vonn Scott Bair


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