Who Wants to Feel *Real* Old? (29 July 2014)


Good Evening:

I caught the tail end of the conversation between these two women when I walked into the break room to refresh my tea.

“…I had no idea how old I felt, like I had just gotten old without knowing it, but now I feel–so–free! I have not felt so independent in so long! Great job, great living situation, making money, I swear, I have not felt this free and independent, I have not felt so young since I was fifteen-and-a-half years old!”

The old lady in question? She’s a college student working on a summer internship. A college-aged college student. But if she used to feel old, then how old should I feel today?

Wondering Where I Misplaced My Gallon of Geritol This Time, I Remain,

Yours Truly,

Vonn Scott Bair–the old man.

PS–Yes, she did say “fifteen-and-a-half.” Which interests me. Why that age? She was too young to drive.


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