The Minimally Artistic Art of Instant Minimalist Art, 8 August 2014 (Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture)


Good Evening:

I explore texture very often in my photography: who knows how many posts of mine have the title “The Minimally Artistic Art of Instant Minimalist Art?” I sure don’t.

Recently, while walking to work down Redwood Alley, I noticed something on the south side of the street that I hadn’t before. The Superior Court building across the alley from the San Francisco PUC HQ has a generally dull facade of prefab concrete slabs that don’t deserve a second look under normal circumstances. But on this day, at this time, the morning sun shone down the facade at such an extreme angle (I call it “the sunshine shaving the subject” because I don’t know the correct technical term) that it cast shadows you don’t see most of the year.

Please look carefully.


Do you see a faint pair of near-parallel horizontal lines? They don’t show most of the year, only for a few minutes on a few mornings. Take another look from a distance.


More prominent this time. Here’s a slab with an arc in the middle.


Quite obvious now, isn’t it? My hypothesis: the edges of the saws that cut the concrete into slices cause these. Funny how you can’t see them most of the year. Makes me rather wonder what sort of interesting sights I don’t see.

Vonn Scott Bair

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