Daily Archives: August 25, 2014

Brown. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Fray)


Good Evening:

I have two brown leather jackets. The newer and heavier one dates back almost 20 years. The older and lightweight one is over 30 years old.

WordPress Brown 3 082414

Every once in a while, someone will compliment me and ask where they can buy such a cool stressed jacket. When I reply that the jacket I wear is almost 20/over 30 years old, they cringe and I know they’re thinking, the dude is so old and can’t afford new clothes he must be so totally broke, et cetera, et cetera.

I don’t care. I like my antique leathers, not matter how badly they have frayed.

I experimented with a few settings today that I don’t normally use. Here are the shots that I didn’t delete.

WordPress Brown 1 082414 WordPress Brown 5 082414 WordPress Brown 2 082414 WordPress Brown 4 082414

Vonn Scott Bair