The Insouciance of an Auto Service Shop (Weekly Photo Challenge: Signs)


Good Evening:

Any day that’s the second consecutive day that you can use the word “insouciance” is a good day indeed.

Take a close look at the signs below.DSCN5361The antique Goodyear sign above Kahn & Keville (Turk & Larkin Streets, San Francisco) is only the second most surprising sign. The most surprising sign is “Since 1912.” Yes, 102 years old. Kahn & Keville must rank among the world’s oldest continuously operating auto service shops in the world. Founded in 1912? Do you realize how few cars roamed American roads that year?

Kahn & Keville have another sign on the street corner that they have used for witty aphorisms, famous quotes, and one-liners for decades. Recently they have also taken to posting more political messages. Signs of the times, if you will. Perhaps these more political signs of the times say something about these times. Here are two recent ones.

DSCN3662 DSCN5360

Vonn Scott Bair

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