Cyanotype Impressions 1: San Francisco Botanical Gardens. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Dreamy)


Good Evening:

By using the title “Cyanotype Impressions,” this post pays tribute to Anna Atkins, possibly the first woman who ever took a photograph, and one of the greatest exponents of cyanotype photography. She combined her artistic ability with her expertise in botany to produce detailed and gorgeous cyanotypes of British algae and seaweed during the 1840s.

By far the most difficult Challenge yet, yours truly didn’t think he would have anything to contribute; however, while exploring Golden Gate Park during an early misty morning of experimentation with apertures (a subject that still baffles me), I realized that using the Cyanotype setting on my Nikon D40 DSLR might have a dreamy effect. Presenting four of the somewhat more interesting results.

CSC_0101 CSC_0109 CSC_0092 CSC_0102

This might prove a matter of personal preference, but it appears that the aperture number that produces the greatest detail in the greatest depth yields the best digital cyanotypes. But even if the results do not seem so dreamy to you, I hope you like the pictures themselves anyway.

Vonn Scott Bair


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