Consumers & Runners (Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction)


Good Evening:

Had a ton of errands downtown today and thought that maybe a few pictures of people reflected in store windows would prove interesting for the Challenge. In reality, almost all of them turned out badly except for this one, and even here the store windows were reflected in the bus windows.

DSCN5594Then blundered into a thick, overflowing crowd in front of the Nike Store at Union Square. Nike will sponsor a women’s half-marathon tomorrow and come up with the idea of printing the names of all registered competitors on its windows. In terms of safety, this wasn’t the best idea, as the crowd sometimes swelled so much that passers-by often had to walk in the streets to get around the runners–and the shopping traffic on a Saturday afternoon comes thick and fast around the Square. Nonetheless, the runners loved the mural and posed next to their names for pictures.

DSCN5596 DSCN5601 DSCN5595 DSCN5603Vonn Scott Bair


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