Fog, Mist & Reflections at San Francisco’s Stow Lake (Weekly Photo Challenge: Refraction)


Good Evening:

Finally had a decent morning fog today! Not one of San Francisco’s heavy duty professional fogs, more like a highly-talented-amateur-hobbyist fog, but still good enough for exploring what happens when light passes through the mist and fog of San Francisco’s Stow Lake near sunrise. If that is refraction (Now might represent an ideal moment for someone to inform me that I have no idea what photographers mean by refraction). Anyway, some of the better pictures, and let’s play around with the Nikon D40’s Cyanotype filter again to mess around with the light even more. All photos unedited.

CSC_0134 CSC_0193 CSC_0201 CSC_0171Plus one more in full color just for fun: the sun had burnt off the mist and fog much earlier than normal for a foggy morning (told you it wasn’t professional grade), but who can resist a semi-natural arch?

DSC_0110Vonn Scott Bair


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