Fifty Feet of Fourteenth Street, 2 November 2014.


Good Evening:

San Francisco might have the most murals of any city in America; it probably has the most murals per square mile. All of the pictures below show just some of the murals within a fifty foot stretch of 14th Street heading south-southeast from Folsom Street. Oh, and just on one side of the street as well.

DSCN5897 DSCN5898 DSCN5902 DSCN5904 DSCN5905

Pretty amazing, eh? Did you notice the camouflaged door in the third (middle) picture. The A. Lynn Milli mural on the bottom represents quite a rarity in the SF mural community. Even a semi-realistic portrait such as this one counts as quite unusual, but if “A. Lynn Milli” is a woman the result become doubly rare.

Vonn Scott Bair


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