San Francisco: Industrial Landscapes, 8 November 2014. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimalist)


Good Evening:

San Francisco has some of the finest industrial landscapes for amateur photographers to explore. On Saturday, I explored an area of the city little known to visitors because it has nothing but light industrial facilities (although fans of sound and movies might like to know that the Dolby Labs have an office there).

The big question: could I photograph industrial landscapes and meet this week’s Challenge at the same time?

Someone Notices the Contrast of White on White, 8 November 2014

Someone Notices the Contrast of White on White, 8 November 2014

Actually, no problem.

The area in question lies between 14th Street to the west, 11th Street to the east, Folsom Street to the north and Potrero Avenue to the sort-of-southish. The layout of San Francisco streets can look a tad strange on the map sometimes. My set limit for each composition: three colors, including black and white (even if they technically don’t count as colors). Next up: samples from a new thematic series, Black, White & Blue. Found this long building near the intersection of Florida & Division, close to a Best Buy store.

DSCN6031 - Version 2 DSCN6029 DSCN6030 DSCN6032

A couple of additions to White & Blue.

DSCN6021 DSCN6006

And another new series, Red, White & Blue.


Saturday errands and chores can become much more bearable with a camera at hand.

Vonn Scott Bair


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    • nonoymanga: The interesting question–did the builders and architects chose these paint schemes with the idea that the buildings would look interesting despite the simple “decorating?” Vonn Scott Bair

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