100 Walks. (Weekly Photo Challenge: Achievement)


Good Evening:

I just don’t selfie very well. Pity. But here I am on the top floor at work.



The colorful sheet of paper is the real star of the picture. Those dates represent each time I performed the Stair Walk, which consisted of walking from my floor to the 14th and top floor, then all the way back down to the ground floor, and finally back up to my floor. By doing the Stair Walk 100 times (note that each square in the 20-square grid has five dates), I qualified for a baby back rib luncheon organized by a co-worker who started walking the stairs as part of a commitment by him to get into shape.

He’s lost about 50 pounds and stunned a lot of people in the process.

About 5-10 of us have continued walking the stairs at least once a day. I’ve taken to taking weights with me and working with them to build tone in the upper body. Nothing spectacular, of course–five pound weights, spectacular?–but my co-workers insist I’ve lost maybe ten pounds. Which seems impossible, given my caloric intake, but perhaps I’ve redistributed the weight a little bit.

And I will soon upgrade to 10-pounders. The fives simply feel much too light anymore.

Which I suppose counts as an achievement.

Vonn Scott Bair

PS–That blue & white thing in my pocket? That is the official WordPress cell phone protector for my iPhone 4. Now that you can envy.


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    • Andrew Petcher: Good question. Lacking the observational powers of Sherlock Holmes, and given that the PUC HQ has a truly twisted main staircase, the addition poses problems. I would estimate 100 steps to reach the 4th floor and 25 for each floor beyond that. About 350 total to get to the top, so a roundtrip equals about 700. Vonn Scott Bair

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