Who Wants to Feel *Real* Old?, 25 November 2014!


Good Evening:

Male Voice: However, I must point out that women can behave silly, too.

1st Female Voice: Where’s your proof?! What’s your evidence?! Don’t make assertions if you can’t back them up!

2nd Female Voice: No, in his defense I have to say that I did lots of silly things when I was young.

1st Female Voice: That’s doesn’t count! You were young! I did silly things when I was young, too, so that doesn’t count!

Male Voice: You can’t just say that something doesn’t count. Where’s your proof?

1st Female Voice: I’m a woman, I can say whatever I want!

2nd Female Voice: Oh God, that’s just like so gender stereotype.

Male Voice: Can we agree that all young are silly?

2nd Female Voice: Oh God, yes.

1st Female Voice: I refuse to admit that I was ever young!

Don’t you wonder just how old these old people are? So did I, so while these three trailed behind me, I surreptitiously slipped my point-and-shoot out of my right front pants pocket, turned it on, and let it dangle down at the end of my arm. I call this the 30 Shot (and once again, must stress that I did not invent this technique): when you hold your small black compact camera about 30 inches above the ground, not only do you get some interesting angles, your subjects tend not to notice–very useful for street photography.

I pointed the camera behind myself, not even checking where I pointed the lens, and snapped nine pictures. Yes, I did not even look at where I aimed the camera, which explains why I discarded 7 of the 9 shots.

So, before I premiere my latest heavily edited blindly aimed photograph, you have one more chance to guess: how old were these old folks who mocked the young for being so silly?

Polk Street Near Market, San Francisco, CA, 25 November 2014

Polk Street Near Market, San Francisco, CA, 25 November 2014

I doubt that not one of them has reached even his/her 28th birthday.

Doesn’t that make you feel just so old?

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. First: *Great* shot! Wow!

    Second: other than details of the man’s hairstyles (bottom face and up above), these three look like they just walked out of a time machine from a 1960s TV show… at least to me. Mod Squad? (I never watched it.)

    Finally: no, the dialog does not make me feel old (and i usually excel at feeling old). Let’s assume they’re all around 25 years of age: that’s plenty old enough to look back on the follies of their youth (possibly adolescence, possibly younger).

    Similar situations i tend to notice:
    a) Someone roughly a generation (let’s call that 20 years) younger, speaking to me or others, anywhere from around that age (a generation younger) through my age or older, saying something like, “Ah, kids these days!”, in reference to those possibly *half* a generation younger than them.

    My thought in that moment: “Really?! I think of you as a peer, and you think of someone closer to you in age as *younger*?!”

    b) Someone at the end of their 20s or in their 30s saying something like, “I feel so old!”

    My thought in that moment: “You have NO idea. Wait until your body *really* starts falling apart, you get your AARP card with the colonoscopy appointment calls around the same time, and people call you “grandpa” and/or label you a senior citizen **and you’re in your mid-50s**.”

    As i think those things, i smile.

    (I can only wonder what a person in their 80s might think about both your original post and this comment of mine.)

    All ages are silly! (at least mine!)

    • S. P.: As always, thanks for writing. Thinking over the perspective you brought, I could not help but think of the late Nelson Mandela on the day he learned that South Africa won the honor of hosting the World Cup. When someone asked him how he felt, he replied, “I feel like a young man of 50!” Vonn Scott Bair

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