Scooter, San Francisco, California. (One Four Challenge)


Good Evening:

I recently blundered into an interesting month-long photo challenge over at Robyn G.’s blog. Publish four different versions of the same photograph, one picture each week for four weeks. Thought I give it a try for a month by experimenting with this picture.


Have already done a few things with the original digital file (and now I wish I had saved a copy of the original), namely straightening the shot and cropping out a lot of excess that didn’t need to stay. Whilst I know this picture hardly counts as great, it does have one curious bit of interest: even though taken in full color, it already has a monochromatic look with the exception of the red objects and the flesh tones.

I can muck around with that in a number of ways, and will do just that for the month of December. If I can remember to do this each week.

Vonn Scott Bair


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  1. Good evening Vonn Scott. Welcome to the challenge.
    I like your chosen image and I noticed the monochromatic feel straight away. The Guy on the scooter adds movement and the pops of red add great interest.
    Looking forward to seeing your next three edits as well.
    Glad youre joining us. Welcome 😀

  2. Love the motion you’ve captured here, just enough not too much; and it does have a monochromatic look to it as is. Looking forward to next week’s version.

    • Ben Rowe: I have already had fun making just the subtlest adjustments to the shot. Just so you know, I wasn’t even looking at the subject when I took the shot. I knew he was circling about so I snapped about ten shots whilst looking in another direction, and then deleted nine and recycled the pixels. Vonn Scott Bair

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